Where can I download RESTfm?

RESTfm is free and Open Source.  All of the source code is available in our github repository :

Packaged releases may be downloaded here:


How do I get support?

Technical support is available for Sponsors only, see the purchase page for more details.

Bug reports may be submitted on the github issues page.

Show me an example

To give you an idea of how this works we’ve setup a demonstration website. The demo uses the free and open source jQuery libraryto build a complete Web User Interface on top of RESTfm. This example code is included with RESTfm and provides a way to view and edit your FMS data over the web without any extra coding, and without building a new site.

User Name: write

Password: restfm

You are welcome to Create, Update and Delete records in this demo:

This dataset is just the standard Australian Post Code list, so isn’t by itself very exiting but it does give you plenty of access to see just what RESTfm is capable of.

You can get an idea of the RESTful URLs being used by turning on the console in the demo application. Click the gear icon on the top right, and check the box next to “Show Console”. Then, when running a command such as GET, PUT or POST you can see the actual code being used. This gives you an idea of the overall functionality of RESTfm in more detail.